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In the world of online dating, the content of your profile is your first impression: your potential matches swipe left or right in an instant based on images of you. Does this terrify you? If so, I can relate! With a lot of encouragement from friends I took the plunge into online and app dating post divorce. I quickly realized that so many potential dates could be great matches but they weren’t presenting themselves well, and that conversely, those people with a great photo were so clearly at an advantage.

And so that’s why I’m here – to make sure your profile presents you as your best self. As a personal stylist who has been in the fashion industry for more than 20 years, I have worked with all different personalities, body types and budgets. I know how to help you stay relevant and current while still feeling like yourself — the best version of yourself. Get in touch today and let’s find the styling package that suits you best!

New look. Same you.


Divorced & Single Dating Goals

Discovery session

Explore your dating goals and understand your personality to define your style.

Wardrobe Styling for Dating

outfit creation

Get together, shop or sort through your closet to create refined, new looks for both your profile photos and real live dates.

Online Dating Profile Styling for Divorcées & Singles

Style your profile

Give your profile a genuine refresh with a biography and photos that look natural and make the right impression.



The styling process starts with an assessment of your current closet and personal style. This is when we discover how to make your clothes represent your personality. Buttoned up but not tied down? Dressed down but ready to show up? We’ll nail that together right from the start.



Once we’ve assessed your wardrobe and/or shopped, I will style looks for your profile photos and for your first few dates depending on the package you select. Your style will present the fine-tuned you want that we collaborated on from the start.



It’s not easy to write about yourself but your profile is key to initiating meaningful relationships. Together we’ll find the right words, craft a profile that stands out, and most importantly, stay true to who you are.



Once we’ve established a budget, I will pre-shop for you and you’ll meet me to try everything on — allowing you more time for swiping and less time shopping. Together we’ll pick outfits for your new profile pictures and looks for your first few face-to-face, zero emoji support, real-life dates.



Depending on your styling package, I’ll either give you photo taking tips or setup a true-to-you lifestyle shoot. The goal of these photos are to not only to show off your tailored new look, but give an inside look at who you are beyond the clothes.



Let’s face it. We all doubt ourselves and especially before a date! Give me a call, FaceTime, Skype or text and I’ll give you the thumbs up or suggest some last minute changes to make sure you look your best.

pre-date prep

I found Alyssa after having many failed attempts at dating. I mostly lacked confidence. After shopping with her I felt better about myself and even hired her again to help me buy some things for job interviews.
- Kevin
I hadn’t been dating since the ‘90s so I didn’t know what I was doing. I saw an ad for Alyssa and figured I could use some updating. I now feel much more confident going into a date. I don’t feel like another suburban divorced Dad.
- Daniel
Money well spent. End of story
- Jack
I met Alyssa through a friend, who recommended that I need to upgrade and update my appearance, both online and offline. I hated the thought of it, because I've never done anything like this before. But Alyssa was so relaxed and easy to work with. And she immediately got who I was and what I needed. I highly recommend Style My Profile to anybody that wants to upgrade their look and feel (online and off)!
- Natalie
I love Alyssa and how she changed my life. I got divorced almost a year ago and was back on the dating scene for the first time in over 20 years. Alyssa and her team helped me find the clothes that worked for me, take the pics that worked for me and present myself better online. I have to say that my number of connections on Tinder and Bumble have definitely increased. Thank you, Alyssa!!!!
- Steven

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