First Date: Lasting Impression

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My first date post-separation was fraught with emotion: excitement, curiosity, anxiety…. But mostly I was petrified. I spent way too much time getting ready and we were just meeting for coffee in the middle of a Saturday. Fortunately, the person who was the lucky recipient of all my nervous energy was extremely kind and understanding. He was also separated but 6 months ahead of me. So he had already dated but wasn’t so far in that he had forgotten how nerve-racking it can be to go out on a date after being with the same person for 10/15/20 plus years. Other than word vomiting through the first 15 minutes of the date, it went fairly well all things considered. We left one another on the street and I was certain I’d see him again. He texted me later that day to tell me he enjoyed meeting me and asking if I wanted to go out again. When I answered yes, he pressed me to tell him what I liked about him. I thought about it and replied “you were very sweet when I was so nervous and made a huge effort to make me feel comfortable…. Oh and you also wore good shoes.” It was the first thing I noticed about what he was wearing when I walked up to him outside the cafe. So are first impressions important? Of course. And what you’re wearing is part of that first impression! If you want to know what makes the cut, check out Esquires 12 Shoes Every Man Should Own.

The Online Dating Stylist

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After separating from my husband of 17 years, and moving into my own place, it took me about 30 seconds to put up a dating profile. Ok, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration. But I was eager to start. This whole world of swiping and “dating by text” was all new to me. Back in the olden days, before I was married, we met people out in the world, by chance or through friends. So it took me a few virtual versions of an online profile before I felt I had one that conveyed the “true me” to potential dates. As a female I had the luxury of showing what I created to a few of my closest friends to get their opinion. Most men on the other hand would never dream of involving friends in this process. Also to my benefit is that I work in the fashion / photography world so innately know what looks good in a photo. And let’s face it- it’s usually 99% about the photo! After I fine-tuned my photos, I started attracting the right people for me. What we do at Style My Profile is help you to do the same. Help you select and/or take photos that are going to attract the right women for you. Fine-tune the true you.