7 Proven Tips for Online Dating

New(ish) to the blog? Welcome aboard!! This edition is the blog to start with because… we’re going to look at the 7 most important tips for online dating. Let’s go!

Longtime reader? Fabulous!! (And thanks for being such a key part of the SMP fam!) This blog is crucial for you, too: a back-to-basics, distilled, clear look at the absolute most important things to be doing in your online dating life.

Ready to dive in?

7 Tips for Online Dating: Ask yourself these questions…

1. Do I have at least 5 photos on my profile?

Include as many photos as the app allows (or close to it), and make sure they’re crisp, well-lit, and show off different sides of your personality and interests.

2. Have I said something unique about myself in my bio?

Stay away from generic descriptors like “I love traveling” or “Big foodie” – why do you love traveling? What’s the coolest meal you’ve recently had? Even better – what’s a weird hobby you had as a kid, or a surprising quirk you have that your friends love about you? Be unique and specific.

3. Have I had 1-2 (or more!) friends look at my profile to make sure it authentically represents who I am?

It’s hard to be unbiased about your own profile. Make sure your friends think your photos look like the real you and your bio represents you the way they see you!

4. Am I going on the apps every day?

Consistency is KEY. Put in 15-20 minutes of app time every day. You won’t burn out on swiping if you do short, manageable bursts once or twice a day, and the apps are programmed to push you to the top of people’s feeds if you’re an active user.

5. Am I actually talking to people on the apps?

No use swiping if you’re not then talking to people! Even a brief conversation will teach you whether there’s enough compatibility for a date. Challenge yourself to talk to everyone you match with.

6. Am I asking people out?

This is a big one. Once you establish a rapport – I recommend brief conversations about 1-2 topics – cut to the chase and ask the person out for an in-person date. Don’t get trapped in messaging land, where it’s too easy for people to get busy and for the conversation to fizzle out!

7. Am I swiping on people who aren’t just all one “type”?

Not having a ton of luck with the people you’ve been matching or going out with? It might be that the “type” you think you’re attracted to is not ultimately the best fit for you. So be bold, and be open to people outside what you think is your “type”! The worst that’ll happen is you learn something new about someone different from you; the best that’ll happen is that you meet your soulmate (I did 🙂 ).

I hope these tips for online dating have been a helpful, zoomed-out, fundamentals-only way of looking at your online dating life.

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