The Best Hinge and Bumble Prompt Answers

You’ve downloaded Hinge and Bumble. You’ve picked your photos and framed them just right. Now the list of short-answer prompts is staring you down and you’re gripped with writer’s block. What do you do??

What are the best Hinge and Bumble prompt answers?

I’ll make it easy: here’s how to have the BEST, guaranteed-to-get-a-response Hinge and Bumble prompt answers.

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1. Be specific with your Bumble prompt answers.

What’s more interesting?

“I can’t wait to get a dog” or “I’m desperate to own a Chow Chow because of their crazy purple tongues”?

“I love traveling” or “Dream trip: Italy to personally sample and rank each pasta shape currently known to man”?

The more minute, niche details you can include, the more interesting. Start with a generic sentiment and comb through word by word, asking yourself if there’s a way to make each word more specific or in-depth.

2. Stay positive with your Bumble prompt answers.

How things sound in your head are not always how they’ll sound in someone else’s. Humor and self-deprecation are pros in my book, but make sure you have a few friends tone check your answers. Everyone wants to go on a date with someone who is fundamentally friendly and kind, not mean and sarcastic.

Which sounds better: “No drama please” or “Looking for someone mature, thoughtful and easy-going”? It’s fundamentally the same, but I know which profile I’d swipe right on.

3. Get the conversation STARTED with your Bumble prompt answers.

This is the big one: make it as easy as humanly possible for someone viewing your profile to respond. Say something about you, and then follow it with a question that invites conversation.

“Favorite feeling: pushing 70 on the highway, windows down, belting Motown. What’s the last song you screamed along to in the car?”

“String cheese: bite or peel?”

“Niece asked me if there are more windows or doors in the world, and now I can’t think about anything else. What do you think??”

It gets exhausting to come up with ways to respond to someone’s profile when you’re swiping through a whole bunch. This saves the person from having to expel any mental energy by coming up with a way to start talking to you – all they have to do is answer what you’ve already asked!

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dating profile in an hour course


Purchase our Profile In An Hour, designed for getting your profile swipe-right ready in as little time as possible.