Cold Weather Dating Checklist

Hey Everyone,

It’s COLD. This polar vortex may leave you wanting to wrap yourself in 50 blankets and only go outside to grab your Seamless delivery, but don’t let the cold get you down! Since we still have a couple months of cold ahead of us, we want you to be prepared—nothing like being on a first date shivering and not being able to focus on anything but your numb toes. Here’s a checklist of everything you need to ensure you stay warm and cozy (and safe!) on your next in-person date.

And don’t forget – spring is just around the corner! You’ve got this!

Outdoor Date Checklist

✔ Heatlamps. An absolute must so you can focus on your date and not the numbness in your fingers. Here’s the best guide of spots with headlamps, broken down by neighborhood.

✔ Location scout. Too often these days, “outdoor dining” is really an enclosed standalone structure on the street, which is not Covid-safe. Take a walk by some possible date spots ahead of time to ensure there’s proper ventilation (at least two open sides!) and ample spacing between tables.

✔ Start early. Temps drop as the night goes on, and many places have earlier last calls due to the pandemic (in NYC, restaurants and bars must close by 10:00).

✔ Layers. Wear long underwear under your jeans and turtlenecks under your sweaters. Best bet for warmth: Uniqlo, Under Armour, and other athletic brands.

✔ Gloves. Now’s the time to invest in high-quality gloves that are super warm but also offer plenty of dexterity, so you can pick up your glass or even use a knife and fork without ever having to take them off.

✔ Hand and foot warmers. These little pouches of heat are total game changers for your overall warmth. Open them 10-15 minutes before your date (exposure to oxygen is what activates their heat), then pop them in the bottoms of your shoes under your toes and in the palms of your gloves to keep your fingers and toes toasty all date long.


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