The One and Only DIY Profile Kit

Style Your Own Profile

You’re online dating, so I bet you are:

  • struggling to write a compelling bio about yourself
  • struggling to find photos of yourself that are “right” for a dating profile (or even to know which types of photos are “right”)
  • struggling to communicate with your matches and line up dates

With The DIY Profile Kit, you’re going to become an online dating expert.

You’ll learn how to write the perfect bio, take the perfect photo, and start the perfect conversations… and you’re finally going to match with people you’re aligned with and excited about.

A dating profile is meant to be a showcase, an expression, and a filter.

It’s a showcase for its biggest star…


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The DIY Profile Kit is your guide for eliminating the guesswork that goes into creating an online dating profile that works.

With The DIY Profile Kit, you gain exclusive access to our library of proven materials and resources for building out a winning profile that’s inviting, attractive, and authentic. The time is short and sweet between having an unappealing dating profile and a dating profile that attracts people you’re excited about, who appreciate you for you, and who match your lifestyle and standards!


-Heidi Ross

I’m a busy single mom with a demanding job. I was honestly so lost and had no idea or time to write a profile. I’m so grateful that I found The DIY Profile Kit. I love my profile now and it was super fast to write! Alyssa’s advice really helped me bring out my personality and humor. I’m getting some great matches and weeding out the guys who aren’t right. Thank you again!!

-Kady Davies



Instant, on-demand access to The DIY Profile Kit

“Which Dating App is For You” Quiz – Learn which apps align with you
How to write a bio that’s true to you and alluring to others
3 proven Plug ‘N’ Play Bio Templates to kickstart your profile
Profile Photoshoot Mini-Course – Uncover the do’s and don’ts of dating profile photos
Message Mastery – Keep your conversations alive, natural, and fun
Pay to Play – Which premium dating apps are worth your time and money?
Dating Diary – Track your progress, reflect on the week, and deep dive into your dates

EXCLUSIVE OFFER: Top 30 Irresistible Icebreakers!

Guarantee your messages capture attention and start conversations with instant access to 30 of the top-performing opening lines!

With The DIY Profile Kit, I felt much more confident putting up my profile. I’ve now been dating and one guy even said it was definitely my profile that hooked him!!

-Beth K.

Get rid of self-doubt and experience confidence within your profile. With these easy step-by-step guides, you receive everything you need to put an end to worrying about why you’re not getting matches, why the matches you are getting aren’t from the people you want, and why online dating apps aren’t “working” for you.


“I’m seeing a much different (significantly improved!) mix of people in my “match” queue and I’m honestly having a hard time keeping up which is, of course, a great “problem” to have.”

-Steve R

The One and Only DIY Profile Kit
The Virtual Profile Makeover
Profile In A Day
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