Filter Off: Speed dating, but make it video

Hey Everyone,

I feel like summer is absolutely flying by! I’m filling my days with reconnecting with friends over coffees and dinners, going back to my yoga studio, taking weekend trips—it even feels exciting to finally run all the errands that I couldn’t do during lockdown. I’m hearing from friends that everyone’s in the same boat, but that it’s leaving very little time for dating. But I think I found a solution: speed dating through Filter Off.

Filter Off allows you to speed video date in 2 ways: through Matchmaker or Events. Using Matchmaker, each week you’ll select a time you’re free to video date, and then you’ll be paired up with 3 other daters who match your preferences. You’ll have 3 minutes to video chat with each of them, and afterwards you’ll give them a like or a pass. If you like each other, it’s a match and you can set up a longer video chat or an in-person date!

Through Events, you can sign up for a speed dating event in your area. Log on when the event starts and you’ll have 90 seconds to talk to each of the other attendees. Same drill afterwards—if it’s a mutual match after talking, you’ll be connected and can go from there!

I know the pandemic has us all a little video-fatigued, so Filter Off is the perfect way to keep dating fresh, fun, and most of all: efficient. Download the app here.

And if I were to host a Filter Off event this fall… would you be interested? Reply and let me know your thoughts!


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