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Profile In An Hour

You’re image savvy and a go-getter, but you’re new to online dating and need some guidance on all the standard do’s and don’ts.

With this option, you’ll get all the tools you need to craft your own eye-catching dating profile. Take a curated quiz to determine which apps are best for you; write a bio the easy way by filling in the blanks on a Mad Libs-style bio template; and learn all the ins and outs of picking photos, starting conversations, messaging in a way that will get responses, and more with our array of downloadable Tip Sheets. With all these resources at your disposal, your new dating app profile will practically design itself.

dating profile in an hour bundle style my profile NYC

“Which Dating App Is For You” quiz

Write Your Bio, Mad Libs Style (template for 2 bios)
How To Write A Swipe-Right Bio
The Do’s and Don’ts of Dating App Photos
Message Like A Pro
Which Apps Should You *Actually* Pay For?
Dating Diary

Bonus! Certified Best Opening Lines

The number one thing clients ask is: “What should I say?” So we culled our Tinder inboxes, scoured the internet, and searched our brains and came up with THE list of Opening Lines that will GET YOU A RESPONSE!


Dating Diary

What is the Dating Diary?

The Dating Diary is your one-stop-shop companion guide when building out your profile, swiping on apps, messaging with potential dates, and putting yourself out there. Chock full of advice, worksheets, check-ins, and challenges, the Dating Diary will guide you on your journey to become a more mindful dater.

Profile in good shape, and you just need the Dating Diary?


“I was really hesitant to put up an online profile but after talking to Alyssa I decided I would give it a try. She first asked me some questions about what I felt comfortable with and what I was looking to get out of dating. After sharing my story we decided I should go on an app where the bio is a big part of the matching process. Alyssa then helped me choose the right photos to reflect who I am and then guided me through the bio writing process. With her help I felt much more confident putting up my profile. I’ve now been dating and one guy even said it was definitely my profile that hooked him!!” -Beth K.

Profile In A Day
Profile In An Afternoon
Dynamic Dating Group Workshop
One-on-One Date Coaching
One-on-One Personal Styling