Need a new app? Here are some to choose from…

Hey Everyone,

Are you in a dating app rut? I hear you — if you’ve been a devoted user of one of the main apps for a long time, you might want to shake things up and try something new. (But if you’re not on some combo of the big ones—TinderBumbleHingeMatch, or OkCupid—what are you waiting for?? Download them now!)

There are TONS of other dating apps out there, and they are gaining popularity like crazy. What type of app are you looking for? I’ll break some options down for you 🙂

Are you a music lover?
POM (Power of Music) and Tastebuds allow you to connect your music streaming services, add top songs and playlists to your profile, and match with other users whose music tastes align with yours. If you’re ever hoping to go on a road trip with your partner, you gotta make sure you both want to jam out to the same tunes.

Wish dating looked more like TikTok?
Snack and The Sauce both rely on short videos of you to do the talking, rather than a traditional bio. You can showcase a cool talent, talk about who you are in your own voice, try out the latest TikTok trend, whatever strikes your fancy as long as it’s in video form.

Want more fun and games in your dating apps?
LOLO lets you play fun icebreaker games in order to connect with people (no more needing to come up with the perfect witty response to something on their profile!). Schmooze gives you a long list of memes to mark whether you find them funny or not, then delivers profiles of people with the same sense of humor. Because let’s be honest, what is a relationship if not sending each other Twitter memes all day long?

Are you on a time crunch?
Once shows you only one profile per day, so you don’t get caught in an endless swiping spiral. Thursday is only active one day a week (on, you guessed it, Thursdays)—keep your evening free, because you only have that day to swipe on people, cut right to the chase, and go out (no more chatting for weeks and never making plans!).

Think AI might help you find your perfect person?
Hily (Hey I Like You) uses AI to analyze how you interact with the app, then shows your profiles of people with similar habits. Iris ups the ante even more and has you swipe on a bunch of stock photos to learn your physical preferences, then shows you people it believes you will be most physically attracted to.

Like going places, whether it’s just to the store or to a whole other part of the world?
Do you dream of a rom-com-style meet cute in your favorite coffee shop? Happn keeps track of where you go in your day-to-day life, and shows you people you may have crossed paths with. Up for a bigger adventure? Fairytrail allows you to match with people who want to travel the same places as you do—and then helps make it happen, so your first date is in that cool city you’ve always wanted to explore. (I’ve talked more about Fairytrail on the blog – check it out here.)

More confident with a wingman/wingwoman?
Jungle allows you to grab a friend or two and match with another group of friends also looking for love. Go on a group date and see which sparks fly!

With so many apps out there, give something new a try! If you find a new app you love, let me know—I’d love to hear about which of these turn out to be your new favorites.

Happy dating!

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