New Year, New You: Advice from a Manifestation Coach

Hey Everyone,

Happy New Year! I want 2022 to be full of health: healthy food, healthy activities, physical health (make sure to get your booster!), mental health, and of course, healthy relationships. And you know what? We have even more power over finding healthy romantic relationships than we think.

I talked to manifestation coach and hypnotherapist Lea Fuentes about ways to manifest healthy relationships, and how to train our unconscious minds to both seek them out and identify them when we have them. Check out this clip below of her discussing how our unconscious minds cling to the status quo, and then immediately go watch our full discussion for a fascinating dive into how we tend to get in our own way, and what we can do to clear a path for change (including writing down what you want. I told you it works!).

Cheers to a 2022 full of healthy change!


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