Opening Lines

Hey Everyone,

Swiping is easy—it’s starting a conversation that’s hard! So here’s my advice: keep a list of things you like talking about. It’s not fun to figure out an interesting way to answer “How are you?” time and time again, so set yourself apart from the crowd and lead with something a little more exciting, that you will actually find engaging to talk about. And the real secret here? You can re-use your interesting conversation starter as many times as you want until you tire of it—the people you’re sending it to will never know! Kick it off with a friendly greeting, or add a personal touch so it doesn’t sound too manufactured.

Take a look at some examples below!

Rose and thorn of the day? (Or week? Or month, since nothing exciting happens anymore?)

What’s the best thing you cooked this week? Trying to up my recipe game.

What motivates you to get up in the morning? For me today it was knowing I wouldn’t have to wear a down jacket to go get coffee.

Highs and lows of 2020? 

👋🏼! Describe yourself in 5 emojis!

What would be the name of your memoir? I just started reading Untamed and feel like mine would be called “Very Tame”

Trying to educate my kid on some classic movies – what was your favorite growing up?

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