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Gloria M

I used Alyssa two different times and each time her advice, pictures and help with profile were spot on   A true guru for online dating

Amy M

Alyssa has amazing style and gives the best advice. And she’s so much fun to be with to boot! So glad I found her!

A M.

I have loved working with Alyssa, both as a personal stylist and as a coach / guide in creating my online dating profile, and absolutely felt more confident as a result of her help. She makes the otherwise intimidating worlds of personal styling and online dating feel not-so-scary, and she helps you create a style or profile (or both!) that’s true to who you are. She’s also just a delight to be around and has all the best qualities of your favorite New York friends: smart, funny, real, chic-but-down-to-earth and no bullshit (but in a kind way). She’s a gem!

Dana R.

Alyssa is great because she challenges you to think about how you want to present yourself on your profile & gets you to focus on what is definitely a difficult task – talking about yourself. She also has a great eye!

Dina T.

Alyssa is a great personal stylist.  She’s able to Incorporate and blend existing pieces from your closet to create a beautiful design and silhouette and match a personality and occasion.

Kris S.

I’ve worked with Alyssa since October 2018. She is attentive, creative and fun to partner with. Using the guidance I’ve been given I was able to retool my online profile to reflect a more accurate me. It has also given me confidence and new insight to who I really am and what I’m looking for. I would recommend spending time using this service to become your true self online and attract the people who are perfect for YOU!

Richard C.

Alyssa is a highly skilled personal stylist who has a great eye for how to present oneself in an online profile. Her selection of the particular clothing pieces to wear in each photo, her selection of the site for each photo (indoor and outdoor), her sense for lighting, body positioning and posing, etc. were terrific. The pictures she took were of professional quality and had a very natural, comfortable look to them! Additionally, she was extremely helpful in editing my existing written profiles for various online dating sites, and her editing instincts enhanced my written profile considerably. In fact, I received several unsolicited emails from women who remarked that my written profile was the best they had seen! The results speak for themselves. The response to my “restyled” profiles was immediate and overwhelmingly positive. I received considerably more views from women than previously, and a much greater proportion of my emails to women generated replies than I previously experienced. I can’t recommend Alyssa highly enough!

Victoria Chant

Alyssa is an awesome help for anyone looking to update their closet and style. She helped me clean up my closet, made suggestions on how to wear my existing things. Shopping for new items was easy and efficient, and everything she picked suited my personality. Worth every penny!

Erin Kelly

Alyssa was such a delight to work with. She got me, and my style. She patiently and tactfully went through my closet with me, telling me what worked and didn’t. She helped me make new outfits out of my existing clothes. She suggested pieces I might buy, with a considerate eye to my budget. I was such a stylish person after working with her! I felt so uplifted!

Katherine Salyi

Working with Alyssa was a great experience all around. She edited my closet and provided personal shopping services. She is patient, intentional and has a great eye. I use her styling tips every day I get dressed and remember her professional advice when shopping!

Natalie Nevares

Alyssa is the BEST! I can’t tell you how many times Alyssa has saved me from totally giving up on dressing stylishly, and getting me properly dressed for presentations. Shopping with her is so amazingly smooth and easy. Before I arrive she already has just the right items picked out for me, so I’m in and out of the store in an hour or two. I also pay her to shop online for me seasonally, because Stitchfix sucks and doesn’t know me personallt! As a busy, working mom / business owner on the go, Alyssa is invaluable. If you’re looking for an amazing personal stylist, who is also sensitive, hire her!!

C Nitze

Alyssa is SUCH a help with getting my closet clearly organized, updated, & stylish. She’s got GREAT taste and can read what works well/doesn’t work well for me. I don’t have time to put outfits together and stay current, so I rely on Alyssa to help keep me looking and feeling my best. I also have a hard time weeding out clothes that no longer work for me, and she has a keen sense of what needs to be purged!!!

Lori Leibovich

Alyssa is a godsend. She knows exactly what will flatter you, stays within budget, and pushes you to have more fun with your clothes. I’ve worked with her personally –on overhauling and simplifying my closet– and professionally, on magazine shoots. In both domains she is creative, professional, confident and a great listener. I recommend her highly.


Sivan Baron

My husband gave me Alyssa’s services as a birthday present, and it was unquestionably the best gift I have ever received. I would whole heartedly recommend her to anyone. She is gentle, unpretentious and confident in her point of view. I hired her to help me prune my closet which was both cleansing and liberating, maximize the pieces I have by showing me what looks best together and identify items I might want to buy given what I have. She then took me shopping. Everything I bought with her has proven to be a favorite, and I haven’t ever missed anything she helped me to give away.


Courtenay O’Connor

Alyssa is an excellent stylist. She effortlessly works within your price range and personal needs. She improved my wardrobe (and my style) immensely, and she’s a pleasure to work with.

Jessica Baer

Probably the best part of meeting Alyssa was that she was realistic in her approach to fashion for me – a working mom of 2 toddlers. I don’t have the energy or time to create highly fashionable ensembles, but I don’t like feeling like I spend all my time in yoga pants and t shirts either. She came over and looked through everything I owned (no judgment!). She gave me GREAT ideas on new ways to wear things, incorporating both things I already wore a lot, and other things that I liked but didn’t know how to put together. Then she helped me fill in the gaps. It was a GREAT experience. The most important thing is that I’m really wearing what she helped me with, I’m comfortable in it (it’s practical) AND I look fashionable! The other day at work, 3 DIFFEREnt people commented on how fashionable and hip I looked!

Barbara Tarbel

Alyssa was wonderful to work with and I would highly recommend her services. She was excellent, professional and didn’t make me feel embarrassed for my former wardrobe choices. She listened to my concerns and interests. Very positive experience.

Victoria Weil

Shopping with Alyssa was like shopping with a super savvy friend. I worked with her a couple of years ago and am still getting mileage from the clothes she helped me find.

Allie Lewis Clapp

Shopping with Alyssa is like shopping with the cool, older sister I never had!

Nick Felker

I met with Alyssa one afternoon where we had a good discussion over coffee. Following that we met to get photos taken and then she suggested a few outfits to help modernize my fashion choices. Throughout the process she provided tangible advice and good services.

Ann Plater

From my first conversation with Alyssa, I knew I would travel to NYC to take advantage of her expertise. I arrived for my session to a bright Soho studio with a wonderful team to get ready for the photos. I can’t say enough how —- can I say taking photos of me was fun? Indeed. By the time I left I was online – waiting for the photos to be chosen and uploaded. Jump on this if you are wavering-easy and done!

Letters From our Clients

“I didn’t really have pictures that accurately reflected my personality. From the very first conversation with Alyssa, she instilled in me a confidence that she understood my challenges. The photo shoot was professional and comfortable and, frankly, a lot of fun. I’m seeing a much different (significantly improved!) mix of people in my “match” queue!”

– Steve R

“I have truly enjoyed this process of setting up my online dating profile. Working with you and your team helped me find the image of myself I really want to present. I was at such a loss as how to get started. You have a great service!!!”

– Janine Flasschoen

“I wanted to let you know how much fun I had with you and your team [for my Profile in a Day]. You guys are a lot of fun and made me feel very special. You doing amazing job!”

– Craig

“Thank you so much for making our Profile in a Day session so enjoyable, relaxing and comfortable. I felt like a king!”

– John Healy

“Thank you Alyssa! My Profile in a Day was just amazing. You are so talented— I felt comfortable and confident in you from the minute we spoke by phone and on the day of the shoot, all was pulled together. And wow, some of the photos shock me… so good!!!”

– Ann P.

“I’m a busy single mom with a demanding job. I was honestly so lost and had no idea or time to write a profile. I’m so grateful that I found The DIY Profile Kit. I love my profile now and it was super fast to write! Alyssa’s advice really helped me bring out my personality and humor. I’m getting some great matches and weeding out the guys who aren’t right. Thank you again!!”

-Kady Davies

“Working with Alyssa was a great experience all around. She is patient, intentional and has a great eye. I use her styling tips every day I get dressed and remember her professional advice when shopping!”

-Katherine S.

“Alyssa has such a great demeanor– very professional and engaging. She was calm and made me feel so comfortable during my Profile in a Day. From the initial phone conversation, throughout the entire process, has been an overall great experience. Her team is just as wonderful and a great group of women and professionals! Everyone made me feel super comfortable and excited! My photos and profile came out wonderful!”

– A.M.

“When I was ready to start dating after separating from my husband I was somewhat terrified and completely clueless about the dating app world. Alyssa helped me set up all my profiles advising me on which photos to use and what to say in my bio. And she shared so much of her own experiences which was so helpful in navigating this new landscape. I am so happy I connected with her. She’s my dating guru!”


“There has definitely been a big improvement for me with online dating. In fact I’ve matched with so many people I’m interested in meeting I’ve had to pace myself! I’ve had some great dates and am continuing to explore. Thanks for all your expert feedback and the boost of confidence that resulted from talking this all through with you!”

-Heidi Ross

“Alyssa is an excellent stylist. She effortlessly works within your price range and personal needs. She improved my wardrobe (and my style) immensely, and she’s a pleasure to work with.”

-Courtenay O.

“Building a dating profile was intimidating after my divorce, coming out of a relationship which started pre apps – but Alyssa was invaluable in helping me do everything from writing my bio to selecting my best photos and giving advice about the whole process. I got so many matches I barely had enough time in the week to schedule dates! No matter what your age, Style My Profile is the best at helping you navigate modern dating!”

-Ronald J.

“With The DIY Profile Kit, I felt much more confident putting up my profile. I’ve now been dating and one guy even said it was definitely my profile that hooked him!!”

-Beth K.