The #1 Change to Make to Your Profile

Hey Everyone,

If I could give everyone only one piece of advice for their profiles, it would be: SMILE! Too many clients come to me with profiles full of photos with sexy pouts, serene, far-off looks, or tough-guy intensity. But take it from someone who’s seen hundreds of these examples: a smile always, always wins.

I had a guy client who looked super tough and serious in every photo, and he wondered why he wasn’t getting any matches. It was the easiest fix ever. We took a bunch of new photos where he was smiling in each photo and he was shocked by the difference it made.

The bigger and happier the grin the better, but it doesn’t have to be ear-to-ear in every single photo. Just remember that even when you’re not grinning, make sure you’re still smiling with your eyes—as Tyra Banks says, “smizing.”

And another pro tip? A fake smile doesn’t look fake to anyone else, especially someone who doesn’t even know you. So grin and bear it and take photo after photo of your smiling self! Better yet, brighten your whole face up with a laugh, even a fake laugh. 9 times out of 10 a fake laugh feels so silly that you’ll start laughing for real 🙂

The bottom line here is this: be approachable. If you’re smiling, you seem friendly, and if you’re friendly, you’re approachable. People want to match with someone they think they’ll feel comfortable with, who won’t make them nervous or self conscious about chatting with for an hour or two on a first date. So put a smile on and see the results!


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