Disorganized post-divorce? Check out Divorce Rx

Hey Everyone,

When I moved into my own place after I separated from my husband, I felt really disorganized with my kids’ toys in their new space. I had downsized quite a bit and had previously had a playroom so now I was trying to fit all their toys and dolls and legos and puzzles and games into their shared bedroom. It quickly turned into a disaster area. I tried many times to weed through but even though I got rid of a few things, it was as if their lego sets were multiplying. I kept wishing I had a system in place but working full time and, yes, doing lots of dating, kept me from creating one. I wish I had known about Divorce Rx at that time!!

Divorce and organization expert Michelle Sarao created Divorce Rx because she knows how disorganized life can feel after divorce. She’s now offering monthly Virtual Organizing Groups for up to 6 women in the midst of divorce or its aftermath, focusing each month on a specific room to organize together. October’s focus is the bedroom – how to create a calm oasis for yourself. In November, she’ll tackle the kitchen and get ready for the upcoming holiday season.

Divorce Rx virtual group organizing sessions are social, supportive, practical and productive. At the end of the month, the room will be organized, and participants will feel accomplished, empowered, and connected to others! The cost is $60 per session, and participants commit to one month at a time.

What’s Included:

  • Weekly, one-hour virtual organizing sessions
  • Focus on one room each month
  • Instruction on a method for beginning the organization process
  • Practical steps to continue organizing between sessions (optional)

Participants Will Gain:

  • Connection with other women going through divorce
  • Empowerment
  • A sense of accomplishment
  • A method for beginning the organizing process
  • Bite-size steps to lessen overwhelmingness
  • Techniques, tips and tricks to tackle organizing room by room

Learn more at www.divorce-rx.com!

Happy organizing (and happy dating),


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