The Matchmaker’s Database You Can Join For Free

Hey Everyone,

I want to spread the word about DateSpot, a new tool used by both singles and matchmakers alike that is completely free to join. It sounded almost too good to be true when I learned about it from the founder, Carla Swiryn, but here’s how it works:

  ✔︎ DateSpot connects singles with over 45 matchmaking companies to identify match options with their clients. When matchmakers don’t have quite the right match for a client in their private roster, they can browse profiles in the DateSpot database using a ton of available filters, and then pay per intro for the people they want to bring into their network as a potential match for their client.

  ✔︎ Anyone can join the database for free. There’s no guarantee you’ll get set up by a matchmaker, but there’s no hidden cost and nothing to lose.

  ✔︎ There is also a premium option available that allows you to peruse the profiles of all free members. You then pay $500 per intro when there’s a mutual match, meaning both people want to meet based on profiles and photos. (Important to note: DateSpot is unique in that it’s pay-per-match, rather than the typical upfront cost of $10K or more with a traditional matchmaker.)

  ✔︎ If you find yourself wanting to go all in on matchmaking, DateSpot can also set you up with the matchmaker that is best for you, acting as a “matchmaker to the matchmakers.”

To learn more and sign up, you can visit the DateSpot website here.

Have you had success on DateSpot? I’d love to hear about it! Send me an email at

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