The Selfie Checklist

Hey Everyone,

I’ll level with you: Gen Zers were born knowing how to take the perfect selfie, and anyone older than them… was not. But good news! Even if you didn’t know how to use an iPhone before you could walk, you can still learn to take the perfect selfie. Follow the Selfie Checklist, practice a ton (and then practice even more), then add your expert selfie to your dating profile.

The Selfie Checklist

✔︎ Smile! This is the #1 most important thing! Loosen yourself up with some jumping jacks or a big laugh to get a big, beautiful, natural smile.

✔︎ Lighting: Opt for bright, warm, indirect light. Make sure there aren’t harsh shadows. Cloudy days are actually great for outdoor photos!

✔︎ Angle: Ladies, hold your phone slightly above eye level and tilt down at your face to create the most flattering angle; men, straight on tends to be best.

✔︎ Background: Try arranging plants or art behind you, or take a selfie outside in nature or against a cool mural. No blank white backgrounds, and NO bathroom mirrors!

✔︎ Method: Try both using your front facing phone camera and holding the phone yourself, as well as setting your phone up across the room and using the self-timer.

Pro tip: take a selfie when you’re feeling great! Just went to a party and you’re a little giddy from socializing? Heading out to brunch in a new top you love? I’d just gotten my makeup done for an event and was feeling glowy and excited, so I snapped the selfie at the top of this newsletter.

And remember: there’s such a thing as too many selfies on your dating profile (stick with one), but there’s no such thing as practicing too much. Have fun with it! And when you take a great one, make sure to tag @stylemyprofilenyc if you post 😉


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