The Styled Single

One-on-One VIP Style and Date Coaching with Alyssa

The key to feeling good about online dating is feeling confident.

I use a holistic approach to online dating:


My knowledge as a successful online dater myself, combined with my 3+ years of working with clients, to discuss and assess what you really want out of dating


My 20+ years of styling and fashion experience to figure out your true-to-you style and what styles are best for your lifestyle and body type


My experience as an art director on photoshoots, to assess your current photos and decide next steps - whether it’s setting up a photo shoot remotely, helping choose a photographer, taking photos in person with my iPhone, or editing/retouching your existing photos


My experience as a writer to help you write a swipe-right bio. I send you a questionnaire and we set up a call to dive deep to find the real you that you want to project out into the world


My combined styling and coaching skills allow me to help you with any pre-date prep, whether it’s helping choose what to wear or deciding where to go, or deciding how to follow up with someone you’re interested in

“I thought that I wanted to try dating, but the whole process of going online overwhelmed me to the point that it prevented me from even trying. Alyssa was great! She helped me write a profile that set the right tone and still felt true to who I was, worked with me to choose a dating site that would be the best fit for what I wanted, and managed to make it all feel easy and not intimidating. I was so nervous to go shopping with Alyssa, and for her to go through my closet, but it was awesome! Alyssa helped me put together a few really stylish and flattering outfits that make me feel great. And, with a few new things, it was easy to let go of some older, worn out and ill-fitting clothes. The whole experience really made me feel like I was starting a new (more stylish!) chapter in my life.” -Hope K.

How it works



The process starts with an assessment of your dating goals, current closet and personal style. This is when we discover what you are really looking for and how best to represent your personality. Buttoned up but not tied down? Dressed down but ready to show up? We’ll nail that together right from the start to make sure you’re attracting the right matches for you.

Shop and Style

Once we’ve established what you need to round out your wardrobe and feel great about yourself, I will pre-shop for you and you’ll meet me to try everything on in person — allowing you more time for swiping and less time shopping. Or if we’re working remotely, I will carefully choose pieces for you online and send you links to order, keeping your budget in mind. Together we’ll pick outfits for your new profile pictures and looks for your first few face-to-face, real-life dates. Your style will present the fine-tuned you that we collaborated on from the start.


Depending on whether we’re working remotely or in-person, I’ll either give you photo taking tips and art direct your photos from afar, or setup a true-to-you lifestyle shoot. The goal of these photos is to not only to show off your tailored new look, but give an inside look at who you are beyond the clothes. After the shoot, I will edit the photos to include the best ones for your profile and have a professional retoucher fine-tune your photos for color correction and blemishes. In other words, don’t worry if a hair is out of place!


It’s not easy to write about yourself, but your profile is key to initiating meaningful relationships. Together we’ll find the right words, craft a profile that stands out, and most importantly, stay true to who you are.




Pre-date Prep

Let’s face it, we all doubt ourselves – especially before a date! Give me a call, FaceTime, Zoom or text and I’ll give you the thumbs up or suggest some last minute changes to make sure you look your best. We’ll make sure you’re feeling the best you can before that date.





Date coaching

Online dating can become tedious – we all need a cheerleader to keep us motivated and in the game. I can help you decide if you need to take a break, or if you should try texting that person one more time, or if you simply need ideas for where to go on that third date, and anything else dating- and style-related. (Date Coaching includes bi-weekly calls with me plus any text/email support throughout as needed, for a three month period with option to continue).

“Alyssa is a highly skilled personal stylist who has a great eye for how to present oneself in an online profile. Her selection of the particular clothing pieces to wear in each photo, her selection of the site for each photo (indoor and outdoor), her sense for lighting, body positioning and posing, etc. were terrific. The pictures she took were of professional quality and had a very natural, comfortable look to them! Additionally, she was extremely helpful in editing my existing written profiles for various online dating sites, and her editing instincts enhanced my written profile considerably. In fact, I received several unsolicited emails from women who remarked that my written profile was the best they had seen! The results speak for themselves. The response to my “restyled” profiles was immediate and overwhelmingly positive. I received considerably more views from women than previously, and a much greater proportion of my emails to women generated replies than I previously experienced. I can’t recommend Alyssa highly enough!” -Richard C.