Unlocking the Secret of Hinge: How to Start a Conversation and Keep It Going

Do you ever wish there was a perfect guide that could tell you exactly how to start a conversation on Hinge? A formula for breaking the ice that will elicit more than just a ‘my weekend was good’ and silence thereafter?

Well, you’re in luck! We’ve compiled the ultimate list of Hinge conversation starters and opening lines that work like magic, designed to kick-start engaging conversations and keep them going.

Why Hinge Conversation Starters Matter

Whether it’s a podcast, a workshop, or a consultation with our clients, one question keeps popping up – ‘What are the most effective Hinge conversation starters?’ It’s clear that everyone is seeking that magic sentence that guarantees responses.

We’ve listened to your needs! Our Style My Profile team has meticulously curated THE list of Hinge opening lines that are absolute gold. We’ve delved deep into our own Hinge chats, scoured the internet, consulted our seasoned bio writers, and brainstormed to create this collection.

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Questions to Ask on Hinge: Start with These

Ready for a sneak peek? Here are a few Hinge opening lines and conversation starters to give you a taste of what’s in store:

1. ‘What would be the title of your memoir? I’ve just started reading ‘Untamed’ and think mine would be ‘Very Tame.”

2. ‘What’s your “lame superpower”? For example, I can always accurately gauge which size of Tupperware is needed for leftovers.’

3. ‘What was your most pointless purchase last year? Mine was when I bought what I thought were four boxes of tissues on Amazon, but they turned out to be ten packs, leaving me with forty boxes.’

Our cheat sheet features a total of 30 effective Hinge conversation starters to help you spark interesting chats with anyone and everyone. Don’t miss out!

Wishing you the best in your messaging endeavors,


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