Update Your Eyewear

If there’s one thing that can age someone, it’s the style of eyeglasses they’re wearing. This is something that I immediately take a look at when I work with a new client. However, it’s something that a lot of people can be pretty stubborn about: “who cares what my glasses look like?” or “I’m not going to spend money on new glasses” (meanwhile, we just went on a shopping trip to buy a whole new wardrobe for them!) My answers to these excuses: yes, people notice and yes it’s worth spending money on. So, do you need new eyewear? Chances are, if you haven’t bought glasses in the last 3-4 years, you’re wearing a dated, out of style of frame. So, if you’re starting a new life and a new look, you need to update your eyewear.

This doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor anymore thanks to companies like Warby Parker, Zenni Optical and Look Optic. Whether you’re looking for readers or everyday glasses or even prescription sunglasses, there are many fashion-forward options that won’t cut into the rest of your wardrobe budget. Ordering eyeglasses online is a viable option with great return policies and try-at-home options. Order ten pairs to try and ask a friend for their opinion. Take photos of yourself in each one and go back and look at each one in the photos. Also try on your current frames along with those and ask yourself “would I buy these today?”. If you’re unsure of what styles to try, Reddit has a guide to what’s right depending on your face shape, etc. Or of course, you can schedule a free consultation call with me here to find out more about working with me.