What to Wear for Your Dating Profile Picture

You’ve heard me talk at length about what to wear on dates – there’s your First Date Uniform, of course, plus coffee date outfits and making a simple white button-down work for you date after date.

But even if we have date outfits covered, that still leaves the question of what to wear for your dating profile picture.

Here are some of my top rules to live by!

1. Don’t wear your First Date Uniform

…lest they think it’s the only good outfit you own! Which of course is not the end of the world, but you’d rather have more in your repertoire than that.

2. Women: Pick one “sexy” attribute

Show one area of skin – shoulders OR cleavage OR back. Not all of the above.

A silky button-down that shows a tasteful touch of cleavage. A cut-low-in-the-back dress looking over your shoulder for you back-loving people. A short skirt worn walking down the stairs if you’ve got legs.

Personally, I like my shoulders and my legs. So I included a shot in my profile in a short dress taken by a friend while walking down a set of stairs at an event. Then on a second date, I’d wear one of the off-the-shoulder tops that made me feel super sexy. But I would not show pics of both my assets in my profile. We’re striving for classiness!

3. Men: Leave the tie at the office

I’ve noticed that men in particular struggle to find quality photos of themselves that weren’t taken for a work directory or corporate event. But your business persona is not the same as your dating persona – you want your date to have a crush on you, not hire you!

My personal rule is: you can have a photo of you in a suit if you must, but no ties are allowed. You’re dating in your off hours!

4. Don’t distract from your face

Your face is the main event, then your outfit, then your accessories. Don’t wear hats or sunglasses that hide your features. If you’re wearing jewelry, style yourself in jewelry that complements your face and outfit, but doesn’t distract.

A couple of tips: if you’re wearing a big necklace, wear small earrings (and vice versa). If you’re into layering necklaces, 3 is the magic number. Make sure there is half an inch or more of spacing between each one.

5. Update your eyewear

If there’s one thing that can age someone, it’s the style of eyeglasses they’re wearing. This is something that I immediately take a look at when I work with a new client. Chances are, if you haven’t bought glasses in the last 3-4 years, you’re wearing a dated, out-of-style frame. So, if you’re starting a new life and a new look, you need to update your eyewear.

This doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor any more thanks to companies like Warby Parker, Zenni Optical, and Look Optic. Whether you’re looking for readers or everyday glasses or even prescription sunglasses, there are many fashion-forward options that won’t cut into the rest of your wardrobe budget.

Ordering eyeglasses online is a viable option with great return policies and try-at-home options. Choose ten styles/colors and try them all on at home, then return the other nine.

Try on your current frames along with the bunch, and ask yourself whether you would choose those frames again today. Be honest and realistic. If the answer is no, don’t hold back in buying new ones. It’s worth the money to feel good in an updated pair.

6. Feel great (duh!)

I’ll say this a thousand times: your dating app photos (especially your first one) are your calling cards, and the MOST important thing is that you look like an approachable person worth spending an hour getting to know.

If you love what you’re wearing – if it makes you feel confident AND comfortable AND a little sexy – that’s going to come through in your stance and your smile. And that’s going to get you the date 😊

But I get it – all this can feel chaotic and overwhelming, and sometimes it’s best to just put the decisions into the hands of a professional!

When we create 2 new profiles for you with Profile In A Day, I’ll personally style 3 looks for you that I know will show off your best assets and look great on camera for your dating app photos. So you don’t have to stress about a thing!

Let me make everything – the styling, the photos, the hair and makeup, the bios and short answers, even literally downloading and setting up the app profiles – totally easy breezy for you. Cross that daunting “Make a killer profile so I can start going on more dates” item off your to-do list in one fell swoop.

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Hi! I’m Alyssa Dineen and I’m a personal stylist and dating coach all rolled into one. I started Style My Profile to help other online daters feel better about getting out there— and staying out there— in the world of online dating. Whether it’s to meet your soulmate, to find a fun person to have dinner with or even just match with more people, I can help you from the ground up.


dating profile in an hour course


Purchase our Profile In An Hour, designed for getting your profile swipe-right ready in as little time as possible.