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Alyssa Dineen is a personal stylist and online dating coach in NYC. Alyssa started Style My Profile to help other online daters feel better about getting out there—and staying out there—in the world of online dating.

With Alyssa’s 20 years of styling expertise, art director eye, and her own personal dating experience, she is able to coach online daters successfully through the foreign world of dating apps.

Alyssa’s book, The Art of Online Dating, includes her own personal experiences and those of her clients, as well as practical and actionable tips to get you feeling more confident about your dating life.


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“Building a dating profile was intimidating after my divorce, coming out of a relationship which started pre apps – but Alyssa was invaluable in helping me do everything from writing my bio to selecting my best photos and giving advice about the whole process. I got so many matches I barely had enough time in the week to schedule dates! No matter what your age, Style My Profile is the best at helping you navigate modern dating!”

-Ronald J.



I was with my ex for 18 years before finally leaving my marriage at age 41. Smartphones hadn’t existed when I’d last been single, much less dating apps! I just assumed all my friends were going to set me up with their divorced guy friends and I would be swimming in blind dates. Well, that happened once.

I realized I had to face facts: I needed to online date to meet people. And I knew I needed to be mindful, intentional, and put in the work if I wanted to learn the ins and outs of dating apps and eventually find love.

You will too… but you’ll have me at your side.

I’ll guide you from wherever you are in your dating and personal style journey. I’ll get you looking great in your clothes and feeling great in your skin, whether it’s revamping your whole wardrobe or just adding a few key pieces to make you feel confident and attractive when you step out the door.

And me and my team of expert hair stylists, makeup artists, photographers, and writers will create a stunning dating app profile for you from the ground up — all you have to do is show up.

With Style My Profile, online dating has never been easier or, frankly, more fun.

Ready to get started?

“Working with Alyssa was a great experience all around. She is patient, intentional and has a great eye. I use her styling tips every day I get dressed and remember her professional advice when shopping!” -Katherine S.


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