Online Dating: Does It Work?

The question on every dater’s mind:

Does online dating work?

You bet it does. You just gotta know how to do it.

My team at Style My Profile has helped dozens and dozens of clients meet their perfect match by following our strategies and advice. And to help keep you going out there, I want to share a couple of success stories from clients.

Tania had recently gotten out of a long and painful on-and-off-again relationship. She started online dating but wasn’t having much luck. I took a look at her profile and saw her photos were simply not showcasing her in the best way. I went through her camera roll for better options and also took a few new photos of her. We then added a few lines to her very brief bio, and poof! She was off and running. A few months later, Tania texted to tell me she had met an amazing person… who lived in Australia (!!) but she wasn’t letting that stop her (for more on long distance relationships and how they can work, read this). She was thrilled, but even I was a bit skeptical it could work from that far. Well: they proved us all wrong. Tania was able to transfer to her London office, and he had always wanted to try living in the UK. They are together to this day (5 years later!).

Jane found me from a profile that The New York Times did on Style My Profile. Like many of you, she was newly divorced and nervous about getting online for the first time. I set up her up with a profile on Match, again using a combo of photos I chose from her camera roll and new ones that I styled. Jane immediately started going on dates, and quickly met a widower she felt a connection with. But she kept getting mixed signals from him, so we had several coaching sessions to discuss her dating goals and work on a plan. I encouraged her to be open with him, and guess what — when she told him she wasn’t sure where he stood, he explained that he was so new to this after being married for 30 years, he wasn’t sure how to date anymore (exactly what I thought and told Jane during our coaching calls!). Three years later, they’re living together and couldn’t be happier.

Online dating works, and it especially works if you have an expert to guide you. Click here to schedule a call with me!

Happy dating!

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Hi! I’m Alyssa Dineen and I’m a personal stylist and dating coach all rolled into one. I started Style My Profile to help other online daters feel better about getting out there— and staying out there— in the world of online dating. Whether it’s to meet your soulmate, to find a fun person to have dinner with or even just match with more people, I can help you from the ground up.


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Purchase our Profile In An Hour, designed for getting your profile swipe-right ready in as little time as possible.

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