Let’s Talk About Online Dating Scams

Hey Everyone,

I’m always one for talking about dating motivation and success stories, but it’s also crucial to arm yourself with awareness about all sides of dating, even the darker ones. So today, let’s talk about scammers. Unfortunately, scammers are out there, and I personally know people who have had to deal with them. But good news: scams are rare, and as long as you know the signs and stay vigilant, you have absolutely nothing to worry about!

Here’s what to look out for:

  • Strange discrepancies between profile photos and biographical information
  • Regular excuses for being unable to meet in person, over video, or speak on the phone
  • Consistent glaring grammatical or spelling errors (within reason – some people are fast typers and just don’t proofread well!)
  • Early professions of love; over-the-top compliments right away; profuse pet name usage
  • Any request for financial help. Do not EVER share financial or other sensitive information with someone you have not met in person.

If you suspect you are in contact with a scammer, block all communication and report the user to the dating site and your local police.

Scammers are good at what they do, and will do their homework on you to appear like your perfect match. They can be very compelling! But now that you know what to keep an eye out for, you’ll have no trouble spotting scams from a mile away.

And don’t forget—I’m here for you, and am available as a resource if you ever need a second pair of eyes on someone!


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