That Go-To Outfit

Hey Everyone,

The freedom to feel good in your own clothes is one of the keys to looking good in them.

Discovering what is out there and what you feel good in is the first step in styling your *new* self. Allowing yourself to invest in a new outfit is part of valuing yourself and the process of putting yourself out in the world.

Feeling good about yourself is a worthy investment. You’re not going to be a better mother, wife, girlfriend, boss, or employee if you’re feeling bad. You must make it a priority to treat yourself once in a while. You’ve earned that massage, hair color, new dress, or glass of wine with a friend. We all need that go-to outfit that we know fits us—inside and out. Those jeans and sexy sweater that we shine in every time.

This was my go-to FDU (first date uniform) my first year of online dating (ca. 2015). Pretty simple right? Nothing over the top or crazy sexy but I felt awesome in it. Go find yours!

Happy dating,

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