The Five Minute Face w/ Celeb Makeup Artist Carmindy

Hey Everyone,

Okay, my amazing friend Carmindy just changed my life—I’m not exaggerating! At 48 years old, I’m inept at makeup. It’s true. As much time as I’ve spent on fashion shoots, I have still been woefully ignorant with how to apply makeup. 

Carmindy has been a beauty expert for many years— on fashion shoots and also on the reality show What Not to Wear for nearly 10 years. Through decades of research and listening to what both women (and men!) really want, she’s developed the Five Minute Face: literally all you need is 5 minutes to create an expertly natural, glowing-from-within look. Check out this 1-minute clip of Carmindy explaining the surprising standard of beauty that has withstood the test of time.

I’m so grateful to each of you for supporting this blog and being part of the SMP community. As a thank you just for you readers, you can watch Carmindy’s entire rundown of the Five Minute Face here. Her demonstration is so thorough and chock full of makeup tips that I’ve already gone back and rewatched it so that I retain every last detail!

Hooked and want more? Sign up for the SMP Dynamic Dating Membership. You’ll gain access to another demonstration with Carmindy (in this one she edits my makeup bag, teaching me why to keep certain products and why to toss others), plus more conversations with guest experts like Carmindy. Want to learn more?

Happy makeup-ing, dating, and more!


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