6 Ways to Make Sure Your Dating App Photographer Doesn’t Suck

Does the concept of hiring a designated “Dating App Photographer” sound a little… weird? Or scary? Or even corporate?

Well, it can be if you pick the wrong one.

A dating app photoshoot should feel very different from a LinkedIn photoshoot, or a family holiday card photoshoot, or a magazine cover photoshoot.

You know me – I can’t say enough good things about investing in a photographer so that your dating app looks polished, engaging, and stands out from the crowd. After all, photos are the #1 thing that determines whether someone will swipe right or left.

But there are plenty of traps you can fall into when searching for a photographer that you might not know to look out for.

Don’t worry – I’ve got you! Drumroll, please…

Here are 6 things you DON’T want from your dating app photographer:

Don’t #1: Photos in a studio.

You want your dating app photos to show potential matches what your life is like, and what you look like living it. Photos taken in a studio are going to look, well, like you hired someone to take a bunch of professional photos of you. So make sure your photo session is somewhere you’d actually be, like a home or apartment, out on the sidewalk or in a park, or even tucked away in the corner of a coffee shop.

Don’t #2: Overly posed photos.

The first photo on your dating app should always be a clear, smiling, shoulders-up shot. But when all your photos start looking like a LinkedIn shot, that’s when people viewing your profile will feel like something is off. So make sure your dating app photographer isn’t just taking headshot after headshot, but mixes it up with different expressions, candids, laughing shots, walking shots, and more.

Don’t #3: Photos that are too glam.

Doing a photoshoot is a fun, out-of-the-ordinary experience, so it’s natural to want to glam up for the occasion! And you should take time with your appearance – after all, these photos are being used for the explicit purpose of helping people decide if they’re attracted to you, in terms of your looks and general energy and vibe. But you don’t want to look so glam that you don’t look like you. That’ll lead to people either not being interested because you look overdone and unattainable, or it’ll lead to an awkward date where you don’t look quiiiiite like what your match was expecting from your photos.

Here’s my advice: style yourself so you look like you on a really good day. You’ll look great in photos, have a confidence boost during your session, and you can show up on your date looking just as awesome.

Don’t #4: Photos that don’t feel like you.

As we’ve discussed, a bad dating app photographer is going to deliver photos that look posed, stiff, and corporate, while a great dating app photographer is going to get photos of you that look like your friend who has a nice camera just happened to snap a photo of you in your day-to-day life. So you should feel empowered to use props, like a coffee cup, book, glass of wine, crossword puzzle, etc. But be wary of photographers who have go-to gimmicks. Make sure your photographer discusses your likes and dislikes and habits with you, and can suggest settings or props that are true to who you are.

Don’t #5: Lack of professional lighting.

Proper lighting is the #1 key to an eye-catching photo. It’s not worth paying someone to take photos of you if they’re not going to look crisp, clear, and top notch! A fancy camera will only go so far – make sure your photographer has a full lighting set up.

Don’t #6: Entire dating app profile of only photoshoot pics.

Even if your dating app photographer is the best in the world and gets you a whole array of photos in different settings, outfits, and attitudes… there are two photos that belong on your profile that simply can’t come from your photoshoot. Make sure you still have one photo of you in a social setting with 1-2 friends, and one photo of you out participating in a hobby or activity you love (like at your pottery class, or windsurfing, or in front of a Broadway marquee). Since most dating apps these days have 6 photos, your dating app photographer should offer you 3-4 final, lightly retouched photos for your apps. Any more than that and you’re paying for extra photos that you don’t need.

Great! Now you know what you need from your photoshoot, and what to make sure to avoid.

But where do you find a dating app photographer who fits the bill?

You better believe I have you covered there as well.

Profile In A Day covers all of this and then some. Check out how we solve these common mistakes:

Don’t #1: Photos in a studio.

The shoot takes place in a loft apartment in Soho, plus Soho’s surrounding (and adorable) parks, cobbled streets, and coffee shops.

Don’t #2: Overly posed photos.

We’ll have you chatting, laughing, drinking (if you’d like!), strolling, lounging, dancing, and everything in between. Our photographer will be snapping away as you do your thing, but will also be precise in coaching you how to stand, lean, tilt, and tweak to get your most natural and flattering angles.

Don’t #3: Photos that are too glam.

We don’t leave you to your own devices for styling – I’ll style you myself using my 20+ years of styling experience, and we provide a hair and makeup artist for women and a groomer for men who truly gets it. We understand the line between looking polished camera-ready, and looking too dolled up or inauthentic.

Don’t #4: Photos that don’t feel like you.

In reality, Profile In A Day is a coaching session in itself. We talk the whole time about what your specific interests are as a person and as a dater, and are able to take photos that authentically represent you. We even ask what your favorite beverage is to have on hand at the shoot! IPA? Red wine? Black coffee? We got you.

Don’t #5: Lack of professional lighting.

Full lighting set up: done ✅ Our photographer uses only the best lighting that feels natural and flattering. 

Don’t #6: Entire dating app profile of only photoshoot pics.

You’ll walk away with 3 retouched photos in 3 different locations and outfits, so your profile will look natural and diverse. But even better – we’ll also review your other photos, and recommend precisely which ones to use to expertly round out your profile.


  • You’ll work one-on-one with a professional bio writer who will write all-new, response-worthy bios and short answers in your voice
  • You’ll have 2 new-from-the-ground-up dating profiles by the time you leave
  • You’ll get a 30-minute date coaching call with me a month into you using your new profiles (plus all your initial dating questions answered during our Profile In A Day session)
  • You’ll get a complete download of Profile In An Hour package – including the Message Like A Pro and Certified Best Opening Lines tip sheets ($79 value)
  • You’ll be automatically enrolled in the Mindful Dating 101 course ($249 value)
  • You’ll have a lot of freaking fun 😊

Don’t just take it from me, take it from Janine:

“I have truly enjoyed this process of setting up my online dating profile. Working with you and your team helped me find the image of myself I really want to present.  I was at such a loss as how to get started. You have a great service!!!”

-Janine Flasschoen

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Purchase our Profile In An Hour, designed for getting your profile swipe-right ready in as little time as possible.

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