6 Secret Tinder Hacks (That Tinder Doesn’t Want You To Know)

Tinder Hacks: How to actually game Tinder’s AI.

Tinder has a detailed algorithm at work – and they want you to use it to your advantage.

After all, it’s in Tinder’s best interest for you to have a great in-app experience, get great matches, and become a total Tinder evangelist who recommends Tinder to all of your friends!

Read all about the ways Tinder wants you to use its algorithm. Here’s a quick recap if you’ve already read my blog deep dive:

1. Be Active

Tinder prioritizes showing your profile to people when you’re a consistent daily user.

2. Start Conversations.

Tinder will both show your profile to more people and will show it to people who actively talk to their matches when you prove yourself to be a user who regularly starts conversations with your matches. Bonus points if you start a conversation quickly after you match.

3. Fill Out Your Information.

The more preferences and interests you include, the more Tinder’s AI will be able to learn about you and show you people with similar vibes.

4. Choose Photos That Represent You.

Tinder’s AI is advanced enough that it can scan your photos for their contexts – if you post photos at concerts it will learn you like concerts, and if you post photos at the beach it will learn you like the beach. It will also pay attention to the activities on display in profiles you’re swiping right on, and will begin to feed you similar profiles.

Pretty cool, right? If you’re a responsible Tinder user (you use it regularly and engage with your matches, so you don’t leave people languishing), Tinder will increase your chances of getting matches by showing your profile to more people.

And if you use Tinder thoughtfully, Tinder is smart enough to learn about your preferences and show you more people you may like.

But there are even more Tinder hacks that Tinder doesn’t want you to know.

I researched things that dating app engineers and AI experts have written about Tinder and summarized all these additional Tinder hacks for you.


Tinder Hacks

Check out these top 6 Tinder hacks to try out today!

Tinder Hack 1: Work the Rating System.

As a Tinder user, you have a certain rating. If you’ve heard the term “Elo score” (basically: a “desirability” score determined by the scores of users who swipe right on you), Tinder wants you to know that they don’t use that anymore. 

Tinder has its own rating system that has replaced the kind of yucky, image-based Elo score.

Now it’s based more heavily on how you interact with the app and with your matches. The better a Tinder user you are, the more it will show you, and show your profile to, higher-rated, “better” Tinder users.

And the way to be a “good” Tinder user? See points 1-4 above.

But AI these days is advanced. Tinder’s AI can analyze your profile to see if you’re likely to be deemed interesting and attractive to potential matches. It can recognize when your bio uses unique phrases and lacks clichés, and it can tell if your photos are clear, bright, centered, and descriptive.

Without a stellar profile, it’s going to be an uphill battle to increase your Tinder rating.

That’s where the Tinder hacks pro comes in (hint: me!).

Profile In A Day is your one-stop shop to get a profile that’s guaranteed to increase your rating, and all you have to do is show up – we take care of the rest for you.

My team will write you a bio, get you arresting photos, and optimize your profile, all in ways that play directly into the Tinder algorithm. It’s also a total blast 🙂

Check it out.


Tinder Hack 2: Control Your Swipe.

There’s an easy way to teach Tinder that you are actually a bad Tinder user – and that way is to swipe right on everyone.

When you swipe right 100% of the time so that you match with everyone who’s liked you, Tinder’s AI first gets confused, because it’s trying to learn about you based on which type of profiles you’re liking. When you like them all, it can’t narrow down your “type” to show you more people you might actually be interested in.

The AI is also smart enough to recognize this swipe-right-only tactic, and naturally, Tinder doesn’t like users who treat the app this way. The result? They’ll de-prioritize your profile.

So go ahead, be a little bit picky (just don’t go overboard!). Let Tinder know who you genuinely are interested in and who you’re not. They’ll work to keep you happy and engaged by finding profiles they think you’ll want to swipe right on.

Tinder Hack 3: Use Interesting Words.

Pull out your thesauruses, folks. Because get this: Tinder will analyze your in-app conversations to determine whether you’re a sparkling conversationalist who talks about a wide variety of interesting subjects with intelligent language… or whether all your conversations start with “Hey” and don’t go much further.

Tinder wants you to be the former, of course, and will increase your rating if you are.

Granted, we’re not all born with endless interesting ways to start a conversation at our disposal. And even if we are, we simply don’t always have the time to ponder a scintillating lead-in each time we get a new match.

So make it easy on yourself. Profile In An Hour comes with 30 Irresistible Icebreakers – actually interesting and unique conversation starters that I’ve used, that my clients have used, and that get responses.

(In my humble opinion, Profile In An Hour is worth its weight in gold just from the icebreakers alone – but of course you’ll also get bio templates, photo checklists, an entire dating diary with quizzes and challenges, and a whole heck of a lot more Tinder hacks. No surprise that it’s our bestseller.)

Tinder Hack 4: Use New Features.

Tinder wants to remain #1 on the dating app scene, so they’re often finding ways to innovate and introduce new features to the app. But all their time and money building new features is meaningless unless users adopt the features.

So when Tinder rolls out a new feature, use it. Tinder will reward you for once again being a “good” Tinder user and engaging with the app and its features the way they want you to. Score: increased.

Tinder Hack 5: Travel.

Tinder markets itself as a way to meet people in new cities when you’re traveling, so they want to make sure they make good on that goal quickly. If they want to be your go-to app to meet people while you’re traveling, they better make sure you have a great experience as soon as you land in another city, or you’ll decide there are better ways to occupy your time on your trip.

So when you turn on Tinder in a location that’s not your home base, they know to put your profile in front of the best Tinder users there quickly, because you likely won’t be in that city for long.

Tinder Hack 6: Pay For Tinder.

I never thought about the psychology of this until I started doing this research – but (duh!) the users Tinder most wants to satisfy are its paying users.

Think about it: if you spend money on Tinder only to wind up seeing subpar profiles and getting no matches, you’re going to cancel your membership, delete the app, and tell all your friends to do the same.

So not only do you get all the Tinder features that come with a paid membership, Tinder is incentivized beyond that to make sure you have a great experience when you pay for Tinder, so that you’ll keep paying for it. That means additional profile prioritization. Mind blown.

I’m not saying everyone needs to pull out their credit cards this second. In fact, it’s even more important to make sure you’re acting as a “good” Tinder user and have an AI-approved profile (paying for Tinder without these things will get you nowhere).

But if you’ve optimized your profile with Profile In An Hour, you’re spending time on the apps every day, and you’re still feeling like things have gotten a little stagnant – Tinder Gold is a good tool to keep in your back pocket.

So there you have it: all the behind-the-scenes ways the Tinder algorithm is evaluating you, and all the Tinder hacks to make yourself a Tinder star.

So get the most swipeable profile possible, engage with your matches with enthusiasm, and watch the dates come pouring in.

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