4 Tips for Recording Your Hinge Voice Prompts Right Now

It’s time to start using Hinge’s most underrated feature: Hinge voice prompts.

Seriously — it’s time right now! If you’re in a quiet place, pull out your phone and record one right here, right now. It’s the single fastest thing you can do to make your profile 10x as charming and engaging.

The great thing about voice prompts (as opposed to your photos and short answers, which you should spend thoughtful time constructing and curating), is that you don’t have to be precious about them at all. They’re a unique opportunity to let your voice be heard (literally), which serves to subconsciously remind people that you really are an approachable, real-life human being, not just a 2-dimensional mix of photos and text.

Not sure what to say? Here’s the biggest secret of all: it doesn’t matter.

Say anything! Say hi! Tell a joke! Talk about the weather! Share a fun fact, or your thoughts on an interesting conversation you recently had! Authenticity is the key, not perfection.

But if you’re looking for a little more guidance, don’t worry. I’ve got you covered, as usual 🙂

Hinge Voice Prompts: The Run Down

1. Be you.

This point bears repeating! What matters is that you don’t try to be someone you’re not. Whether you’re funny, charming, nurturing, inquisitive, have a unique accent or a distinctive sound — embrace it and let it come through in your recording.

2. Be concise.

Hinge lets you record for up to 30 seconds, but make sure you don’t go off on too many tangents or you’ll lose the attention of your listener.

3. Be spontaneous.

Since it’s expected that we all spend enormous amounts of time crafting and perfecting our bios and short answers, Hinge voice prompts are where you can throw all that attention away and be casual and off the cuff. If you rehearse it to death, you’ll sound stiff and canned. Record whatever comes to mind in no more than 2 takes. Bonus points if it’s not 100% perfect — because that’s real life, baby!

4. Have fun!

It’s okay to have an earnest voice prompt answer, but if you’re even a little bit quirky (and aren’t we all, to some degree?), this is the place to let your quirks shine. Be your very own brand of weird! Quirky answers can run the risk of being misinterpreted in written form, but the tone of your voice will convey exactly how you want it to come across.

Feel ready to give Hinge voice prompts a shot? Grab your phone and record the first thing that comes to mind. Try it out for a few days, then record a new one about that funny sign you saw on the street or the disaster that occurred when you tried that new recipe. A few days later, re-record! It’s a great way for YOU to feel like your profile stays fresh and exciting, and for you to see what lands with the listeners.

You got this! Record away!

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Purchase our Profile In An Hour, designed for getting your profile swipe-right ready in as little time as possible.