Your Own Fill-In-The-Blank Bio

Hey Everyone,

Remember Mad Libs, and how they took all the hard work out of writing a story? What if you could take all the hard work out of writing your dating app bio (arguably the hardest story to write of all!)? That’s why I’ve created a Mad Libs-style bio template. Brainstorm a handful of things about yourself: activities you love, recipes you aspire to cook, quirks that make you you. Plunk them into this bio template, and boom: you’ve got a brand new, eye-catching bio. Who said bio writing had to be hard!

1. If you are [personality trait you find fun], always [action you find admirable], and prefer [cultural reference] over [cultural reference], I’m your [synonym for “match”]. I’m also [activity you enjoy that is off the beaten path]. If I like you, I might let you [way of joining said activity] 🙂

Example: If you are picky about what kind of coffee you drink, put your phone away during dinner, and prefer Cohen Brothers over Steven Speilberg, I’m your girl (woman? Person?). I’m also interning at the local zoo (no, that’s not a euphemism!). If I like you, I might let you feed the tigers with me ;).

2. [Mundane activity you excel at] extraordinaire, semi-professional [quirky activity you enjoy], never [dramatic thing you’ve never done]. I won’t bore you with stories about [generic topic] or [generic topic].

Example: Parallel parker extraordinaire, semi-professional bathroom singer, never been in jail (except when playing monopoly). I won’t bore you with stories about my dog or my children.


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